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About Us

About Us

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) is a full service insurance provider backed with over 50 years of reliable coverage in serving the needs of individuals, groups, rural banks and corporations.  CBLIC is best known for its impressive performance and track record in making insurance accessible to thousands of Filipinos, especially in rural areas, through its solid partnership with rural banks all over the country since it was established on March 28, 1965.

Featured Products

Our life insurance products offer a wide range of benefits to suit your unique needs and budget.

Alalay sa Buhay

Affordable life insurance for as low as 365 pesos per year. For only one (1) peso per day, you are protected for one full year with the option to renew coverage yearly until age 70.

CB Kalinga

A comprehensive insurance plan that provides family protection for one year. Both natural and accidental deaths are covered in this plan, which can very well provide you peace of mind.

Creditors Group Life

Creditor’s Group Life

This plan is created for lending institutions to protect them from the risks associated with a debtor’s untimely death. It takes on the responsibility of the deceased debtor’s loan, ensuring that lending businesses are not exposed to any financial losses. 

Products & Services

ASB For Seniors

Alalay sa Buhay for Seniors

Alalay sa Buhay Family

Alalay sa Buhay Family

Mortgage Redemption Insurance

CB Ipon

CB Ipon

Kalinga sa Pandemya

Kalinga sa Pandemya

Group Yearly Renewal Term

Yearly Renewable Term

Prepare for the Unexpected. Get Your Life Insurance Now!

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