Alalay sa Buhay

  • Life Insurance protection for one (1) year. Renewable up to age 70
  • One time payment of Php 365.00 1 unit, Php 700.00 2 units , Php 1,000.00 3 units and        Php 1,350.00 4 units
  • Beneficiary receives 100% of death benefit anytime during the whole year period.


  • Natural Death: Loss of life due to old age or sickness.
  • Accidental Death: Loss of life due to accidents, or unforeseen events, or injury sustained in an accident.
  • Instant Abuloy: Immediate burial assistance given to bereaved families upon submission of death certificate(s) of insured by authorized claimant(s).
  • Daily Confinement Benefit: Paid for a period of required confinement in any hospital in the Philippines, due to sickness or accident.

Other Provisions:

  • Maximum of four (4) units per insured individual.
  • May cover individuals ages 13-70.
  • Coverage of new applicant shall take effect only upon approval of application and receipt of payment by CBLIC head office.
  1 Unit 2 Units 3 Units 4 Units
Death Benefit P25,000.00 P50,000.00 P75,000.00 P100,000.00
Accidental Death P25,000.00 P 50,000.00 P75,000.00 P100,000.00
Instant Abuloy P  5,000.00 P   5,000.00 P  5,000.00 P    5,000.00
Daily Confinement (Maximum of 30 Days) P100/day P200.00/day P300/day P400/day
Annual Premium P365.00 P700.00 P1,000.00 P1,350.00