CBLIC: Ito ang Alalay ko sa Buhay!

Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC) is a full service insurance provider backed with over 50 years of reliable coverage in serving the needs of individuals, groups, rural banks and corporations.  CBLIC is best known for its impressive performance and track record in making insurance accessible to thousands of Filipinos, especially in rural areas, through its solid partnership with rural banks all over the country since it was established on March 28, 1965.

CBLIC has touched the lives of numerous Filipinos through its wide array of insurance plans, which help ensure stability and security for family members and their loved ones.  Many trust CBLIC and consider the company as their partner for life as it upholds its tradition of providing personalized service to policyholders and efficient settlement of claims and policy loans and other benefits guaranteed by its product offerings.  With the realization that a huge part of the entire population was unattended and untapped because most life insurance companies concentrated mainly in key cities of the country, CBLIC found its niche as the insurance company of choice for the small entrepreneur, farmers, fishermen and many others who seldom have the opportunity to avail themselves of a life insurance coverage.

Today,  Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation, with its reputed dedication and sincere service to the insuring public stands proud to its promise, a continuing commitment to support the Filipino people by providing dependable security and protection as a partner for life. a true Alalay sa Buhay to its clients.