Decoding Life Insurance

Life Insurance for most people is an abstract concept that is often misunderstood, taken for granted, if not ignored all together.  It certainly does not belong in our long list of must-haves until a competent and well-meaning agent comes along and patiently gives sound advice on why we should all seriously consider being insured.

It’s been four years since I started working at Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation. I never thought that I will be working at an insurance company and like most people, I didn’t give insurance much thought until my work exposed me to its importance. Now, it is already natural for me to talk to people about insurance and to help them understand the value of life insurance in their lives.

Life insurance may sound like something you only have to think about when you get older, but there are a variety of benefits in buying life insurance early as you start your career and your family life. Even if you don’t have a family that is dependent on you, or if you feel that your employer’s life insurance policy provided to employees as benefit is adequate for your needs, there are many reason why you should consider taking out your own life insurance policy.

Insurance is a necessity for everyone. It may be an investment or forced savings for some, or simply a way to insured that your family is taken cared off financially when you are gone. We all know that we will all go someday, the only question is when? It is therefore, prudent to prepare for this certainty for our own peace of mind.

If you are the sole breadwinner of your family, the more you need insurance for you income’s protection. I remember before my cousin’s mother died, she left a wonderful and inspiring message to her children. “First I was dying to finish high school and start college, and then I was dying to finish college and start working. Then I was dying to marry and have children. And then I was dying for my children to grow, so I could go back to work. But then I was dying to retire. And now I am dying… and suddenly I realized I forgot to live…” People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Life is short; we never know how much time we have to live life to the fullest. I read in Money Sense a well-written article by registered financial planner, J. Randell Tiongson, and these lines struck me: “Insurance is bought not because someone must die, but because someone must go on living. Insurance ensures that the dreams of the most important people in your life are kept. We really can’t afford to live without protection and without insurance.”

Now that my work made me part of the insurance industry, I am constantly reminded to do my share in sharing the good news of securing your life and that of your loved ones through a simple product called life insurance.

– Karen Dumlao