Claims Services

At Country Bankers Life, our reliable commitment to the public continues. When your need arises and an untimely loss happens, we are there to support you. Our sincere services to the insuring public stands head-high to its promises.

Please follow our simple guidelines to assist you in the hours of your need in case of death claims.

Procedure on Filing and Settlement of Claims on Individual / Group Insurance:

1.  Notify Country Bankers Life immediately after the death of an insured.

The following forms to be accomplished shall then be sent to wit:

a.  Statement of Claimant- form to be filled up by the designated beneficiary/ies

b.  Physicians Statement – form to be filled up by the doctor who last attended the   deceased insured

c.  Certificate of Identification – form to be accomplished by any disinterested party (preferably the barangay chairman), who have seen the corpse; but not a relative of the deceased insured

2.   Secure from the beneficiary/ies the following additional requirements checked hereunder, viz:

Certificate of Death duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar

Certificate of Birth of the deceased-insured likewise certified by the Local Civil Registrar

Marriage Contract, if deceased-insured is survived by a spouse beneficiary, also certified

Certificate of Birth of Children-beneficiary/ies

Original copy of Policy/Certificate of Insurance

Police or NBI Report, if death/injury was self-inflicted or due to accident or slaying

Autopsy Report, if a post-mortem examination was taken

Certification of Outstanding Loan Balance from the Bank/financing Institution.

3.   Upon receipt of accomplished claim forms and requirements, we shall start processing the claim and inform the beneficiary/ies about our action thereon.

4.   If there would be additional requirements needed by CBLIC aside from the above mentioned, an early compliance would be necessary to enable the Company to process the claim immediately.

5.   Country Bankers Life shall settle the claim thru:

a.  A check to be issued by the Company payable to the beneficiary/ies or

b.  A withdrawal slip/letter of withdrawal, accomplished by the Company’s signatories, authorizing the bank to withdraw from Country Bankers Life’s savings account. The amount withdrawn shall then be used to settle the claim

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