CB Ipon (Salary Savings Insurance)

Salary Savings Insurance protection for employees, payable in five years (5) via salary deduction.

  • Death Benefit – in the event the insured dies before his/her 80th birthday, or
  • Living Benefit – upon the insured’s 80th birthday.
  • Monthly payment through salary deduction.
  • Premium per unit is Php300.00 per month, payable in five (5) years. After the 5th year, eligible employees may still continue their rider coverage through payment (via salary deduction) Php50.00 per month.
  • Maximum of 10 units may be availed by an employee.
  • Fixed Instant Abuloy of Php10,000.00 regardless of number of units availed.
  • Contestability period of one (1) year.


Benefits 1 Unit (Minimum) 10 Units (Maximum)

Basic Plan

Death Benefit

(for deaths prior to age 80) or

Maturity Benefit

(living benefit at age 80)







Riders Accidental Death P10,000.00 P100,000.00
Accidental Dismemberment P10,000.00

(maximum amount)



Accidental Medical Reimbursement P5,000.00

(maximum amount)


(maximum amount)

Daily Confinement P300/day

(maximum 30 days)


(maximum30 days)

Instant Abuloy P10,000.00

Fixed amount


Fixed amount