Vision, Mission, Our Advantage and Philosophy


To maintain our position as the primary provider life insurance products and services to clients being served by our niche market – the rural banks and other financial institutions in the countryside.

To be known as well among individuals and corporate entities in need of insurance coverage in key cities of the country, as a full service insurance company, developing other products and target markets.


To be in the forefront of educating Filipinos on the value of life insurance by promoting insurance consciousness to a broader market and by providing relevant training opportunities to marketers who are committed to advance insurance advocacy.

Our Advantage

  • Expeditious payment of claims, policy loans and other benefits provided by our products.
  • A vast network of insurance service outlets for greater accessibility and convenience to our policy holders.
  • Personalized attention that emphasizes the human dimension of the company.


To remain relevant with the times as a dynamic company that helps advance economic progress by reliably extending our insurance services to promote the interest of the country and its people.